SHE IS Radiant Lavender Balm

SHE IS Radiant Lavender Balm

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This Lavender Balm can be used to cleanse, heal and moisturize your skin.  We created this special product with all natural ingredients so that it can bring out your natural radiance.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Bee's wax, Lavender & Chaparral


Cleanse: warm the balm in your hands, add water and massage into face or body.  Rinse with warm water.
Heal: Apply balm to minor abrasions to soothe the skin.
Moisturize: Apply to face and body to hydrate the skin.

100% of the proceeds from the purchase of this product will be used tohelp women live in faith, have justice and experience freedom.  We are
proud to partner with NOVA Human Trafficking Initiative.